Throughout Time

KRS  Photographic

Does the past become part of the future

or is the present becoming part of the past?


I have always been observant, silently viewing the landscape outside my windows wondering what had come before. Who had crossed this landscape, who built these farms, and why did they leave it all behind? The spirit of these remnants are now a part of my personal history. They connect each new generation with the imprints and stories of those who came before.

Throughout Time juxtaposes images of common remnants from the past with blurred figures of today to visually explore their intersection. As we pass these sites in our own lives, we become connected. The places and things become part of the landscape of our lives, creating a symbiotic relationship transcending time and space. Long after we pass by and move away, the relic will remain and become part of future histories of others.

I created these images using a large format analog view camera, significant hand development and a printing process that dates back to the 1830s. The use of these historic methodologies enables me, through the physical crafting of my work, to bond both the art and myself to the past. Each step in the creation of the images further reinforces this idea of a continual existence and connection throughout time.